Embracing Your Confusion; Be You

One of the most relatable posts i have read.


A monkey is busy digging through the bin on the drive-way. After what seems like 5 minutes, he finds a packet of Delamere yogurt, rips it apart and proceeds to lick it dry. He (I’m assuming it’s a he because, well, blue balls) then continues to search in the murk for tid-bits of left over food. He finally finds the Chapatis wrapped in aluminium foil that I threw away last evening. On seeing the jackpot one of their own had hit, the rest of the monkeys rushed into the scene as if on cue. A struggle emanates as each of them struggles for a piece. Kind of like the struggle and partition for Africa, only this time, it’s not for land but rather for food.


I am watching all this from the kitchen window as I do the morning dishes. It’s way past noon; the entire place is quiet save…

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