Hey guys! Hope you have all been wellJust came from watching a really awesome indie movie called Paper Town by John Green and i couldn’t help it but i can totally relate to this movie. This is so because it all sums up to the fact that every guy or anyone should have confidence in him or herself and not live in a comfort-zone. Be free. I just had to write this post, because lack of self-confidence is something that has stopped me from achieving the extra-ordinary in my life.

The term confidence by Wikipedia defines confidence as, ” the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.” Now in the movie the character, “Q” as he is called was a not-so confident guy who had a crush on her neighbor Margo, who apparently became “best friends”. All these years he had been friends with Margo but he didn’t have the Confidence to tell he liked her. Margo friend-zoned “Q” and so she put him in a zone where it took him years to finally have the guts to open up.

Personally, i have been put in that zone by a chick pal of mine back in campus who i had a serious crush on, but i obviously will not mention her name or she will hunt me down. From the first time i saw her, i knew she was the “one” but i was heart-broken like that guy “Q”.  I told her i liked her over a text because i didn’t have the guts to tell her face to face but that’s a story for another day( It takes guts to tell her face to face). There was something that Margo said in the movie that really hit me. I can’t remember the exact words from the dialogue between them but she said something about being cute when you are confident and vice versa. When she said those words to “Q” it strike me in the heart. This Quentin guy( I think that’s his name) was like me. For many years i have been shy and not confident of my self. It has put me in a shell and stopped me from getting that girl that i always liked, applying for a job that i thought i couldn’t get, traveling abroad and many more.

I have always had that personality and charm( since we are in the topic i just had to point that out..hehe)  but i couldn’t do much because i was afraid and doubt to do great things. For the short period i have seen how things work in life, i have seen confident guys who look really normal dating really beautiful girls, friends who were not very good in academics but had exuded that aura of confidence and would turn out better off than our other classmates who were good in academics. I believe having people skills and confidence can take you places, i mean look locally and forget international: Eric Omondi( he was on Jimmy Fallon Show just the other day and i  personally got to meet him) , MC Jessy, Larry Madowo, Caroline Mutuku, Churchill, Dr. Fred Mating’i ( Don’t ask me why), and many more( If you can think of more comment please) these individuals seem to good in their craft or career because they have high levels of confidence in themselves.

I don’t have a lot to say on this topic because this is something that has to acquired from within. I believe confidence is something that is acquired through a spiritual journey and not overnight. Kind of like what Doctor Strange did by going to Nepal to the mountains and got trained after he got injured from his accident(If you watched the movie you will understand). He got spiritual guidance and mediated and he got well. We also have to that as well pray to God to give you confidence, fast or anything that you can to acquire it unless you don’t hurt anyone or yourself.

My parting short to this topic is that life is short and you don’t have time to live in fear and doubt. I think the way to hack this can be by faking it. I think the saying fake it till you make it sums up everything. If you think you are not confident just fake it….It works trust me, you will thank me. (I read that somewhere) Be it getting that job you thought you couldn’t get, apply you never know(don’t be like me), tell a girl you like her before it’s too late( I can relate to this), travel, discover yourself and most importantly be free. fake-it-till-you-make-it

By the way, go watch Paper Towns. You will not regret.

Have a confident week ahead.




11 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. I absolutely love this!
    We are all often too scared to dip our toes in the cold water and when you actually think about it…there isn’t much to fear.
    confidence is a topic we all relate to. thanks for sharing this!

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    1. Morning. Thanks for reading my train-wreck blogs😁. Really feeling humbled☺. Your welcome. Yeah often are faced with insecurities and lack of confidence in ourselves in whatever we do in our lives. It’s time we break away from that prison.

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  2. I am so glad I came about your blog…I know I have read just a few posts so far, but I love your write-ups!! I wanna get into your mind, LoL!!
    We all get scared/worried/lose confidence sometimes…only to realize that we were afraid/worrying about something that wasn’t really there in the first place.
    You’re an amazing writer!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. Oh my goodness😁 where do I begin feel free to pick my my brain. I am really humbled. I didn’t think I was that good😂 I am humbled.
      God bless.

      Yeah have confidence at all times. If you don’t believe in yourself? Who will.

      It’s all in the mind. Believe.

      Fake it till you make it. In fact Joel O’Steen said that. 🙌


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