A Bag of Cement Or A Bouquet of Flowers?

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carolendanu's Blog

“Can a woman make a man a millionaire? Yes. But only if he’s a billionaire”

Trust Valentine’s day to unearth all manner of jokes and “Facebook advice” both ancient and new. Brothers have been told:

You are a young and energetic guy at this stage and instead of you to
plan for your future, you are rather chasing Small small girls and
lavishing your penny money on them.. The most astonishing part of it
is, you take them to restaurants to buy them PIZZA. the “Pi” does bit
annoy me than the “Zaa”.. . Have you ask yourself how much they are
selling a bag of cement now? If you don’t know then let me give you
a gist about it.. A bag of cement is equivalent to that food I don’t
want to hear it’s name…. I mean PIZZA…” (Me; what…

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