Learning From your Mistakes and saying No!!”

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since i wrote something but today i wanted to share a little food for thought. I have just been lazy and caught up with work and procrastinating, the year is almost over and i have written nothing !!! My fellow blogger friend Mitchell Ofuyo(follow her blogs by the way, she is good) advised me to continuously write , so as to improve even if it’s non-sense, or maybe not non-sense you know what i mean. I took her advice. Well this is the ‘non-sense’ i come up with. By the way you can correct me like the way in primary School teachers corrected your composition. Feel free to comment. I promise i won’t be mad. It will be as brief so don’t tired  reading.

NOTE: This is a draft i wrote a few months ago this year.

Albert Einstein said,” We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


In relation to that quote, i can testify that by saying that i have been making the same mistake and i never seem to learn from them. I have always been a  yes man all my life and its time i make changes before it becomes my downfall. For my new years resolution i want to make a stand against being too good and playing the Mr. nice guy persona and its time to say “NO!”

imagesI have been manipulated and swindled of my money(actually my parents money, because i didn’t work for it) by people claiming to be my “friend” for the past few years because of always saying “YES”. I recall my class 8 teacher who i personally found her to be very inspiring, Mrs. Vulimu, who always said, “Learn to say NO”. I never really understood that simple council but one day it came to haunt me. I remember one embarrassing scenario where i used shopping money given by mother and lent it to my friend who was apparently buying alcohol while my sister witnessed that!!!!! I will not mention names but i forgave the dude for not paying back as her promised but i will not forgive myself for making a dumb decision like that.

There was one time a ‘friend’ of mine from high school (whom i will mention his name), swindled me Ksh.700 so that he could assist me in processing my driver’s license quickly. He lied to me that there were new versions of drivers license that come out digitally apparently (how naive i was) and so we met at Afya House in downtown. I came walking majestically with a brown  A4 envelope and excited that i was going to get my DL faster than my friends back in driving school. It was all a hoax in order to swindle me Ksh.700 that i sent him  via  M-PESA and since then there were several occasions where he lied that my documents were missing after his car broke down as it underwent repairs and so they disappeared. I was furious and couldn’t believe what i am hearing. I started picturing how i was going to punch him and do all of those manner of evil but i couldn’t do it.

I am a peaceful guy and decided to let go of the issue and want to another driving school, but this time i didn’t use short cuts to get a Drivers License quickly. Even though, he blocked my number and has never spoken to me since, i still want closure on why he would do such thing after i went tiring hours of heart-throbbing (i think that word exits) theory and driving practicals. Guys who have gone through this test can testify to that, being examined big-bellied no non-sense police men is not easy and the chance of you failing a drivers test is surprisingly high that is if you panic!!!

Another instance, at the beginning of the year another friend of mine from high-school connect me with a dude who sells sneakers and i was guaranteed they were quality when  he showed me a pair he was wearing were from him. So i fell for that again, he gave me the sneaker guys number and i called me and told him that a friend told me you sell sneakers. So he sent pictures on WhatsApp and i fell for it. I sent him money via M-PESA like a fool without verifying that he really has a shop and he will deliver. Guess What? he didn’t deliver, there was a time he made me wait in town for 3 hours standing waiting to make the delivery but he didn’t show up. The guy may think he was as sly as a fox, but he just ruined his name and reputation. I am actually starting to feel sorry for him. His cat and mouse games will one day come to an end but the point is that i fail to learn from my mistakes.

The mistake is trusting people to quickly and learning to say “NO!!” I know my gullibility and compassion to help people will one day cost me but i have been trying to work on it. I am sure everyone has their own instance where they make chronic mistakes and not seem to be learning from it. I have another scenario recently  where i helped a guy in a mat while   i was leaving work from Lavington where i paid for his fare and he sambazad me Ksh.50 because his M-PESA was not working( I know what you are thinking, i should have said NO!!) and when i told my mum about that she was furious. It’s a trivial situation but that’s a story for another day. Learning from your mistakes is what helps you solve future problems that’s what i have learned in this short life i have lived( I don’t want to sound like have seen it all , i am sill young and learning).

Have you been making the same mistakes over and over all because you didn’t say “NO!!”

Think about it.


5 thoughts on “Learning From your Mistakes and saying No!!”

  1. Good work Maina. Well written too.. I didn’t know you write blogs nowadays. I recall you telling me about the sneaker situation. It’s someone we both know. Good to know you learnt to say NO!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t know you were on WordPress, you should write yourself, by the way there was a particular blog you showed me written by a chick from USIU about her experiences in campus. Please send me the link. I liked that one. It was cool.


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