(I got these wise words from a friend of mine called Joe, from a fowarded message our AIESEC KeMU whatsapp group chat, i thought i would share. They are few words, but its a good food for thought.  Oh…btw these are not my words, the person who quoted these words are anonymous. Good day)

Perfection is an act of being good at something …but excellence is a habit…perfection is achieved, excellence is progressive ….you have to be good to be perfect but excellence is a habit of getting better…
and the most important thing, success is never achieved by being perfect but by creating a culture of excellence because perfection is just an act, excellence is a habit and when a habit grows it becomes a character ..and yes success is a character…character is who you are….The opposite of success is not failure but foolishness, because failure is part of the success journey but foolishness is voluntary when you create a habit of mediocrity, your character becomes that…foolishness.


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