(I wrote this in my Facebook Notes five years ago. I think we all went through this stage of teen. I laughed hard when i read it. Enjoy my non-sense)

Sometimes we may work hard under the sun without taking credit,but don’t despair because GOD will reward us with riches in heaven.According to Solomon,who wrote Ecclesiastes says life sometimes is like chasing the wind,for example when we get extremely rich like in the likes of ‘blessed’ individuals like gate’s,warren buffet and Oprah (the list is endless but refer to the Forbes list to be updated) when we leave this earth some else will acquire their wealth and even embezzle but that is not for the case of ancient Egyptians who bury the dead with their wealth because they believe it will please the spirits. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?the question is rhetorical which brings me to another situation of ‘chasing the wind,for example some dude changing his ‘swagger’ to pathetically impress a chick with the looks of jessica simpson,rihanna,keira knightely,beyonce and cassie(hot combination though) and telling her she is the only vanilla in her ice cream,please! it’s pretty damn lame for a girl with that hot combination and i don’t have to have the I.Q of Einstein to know that. Apostle Paul wrote on His letter(for those who are sluggish to read their B.I.B.L.E it’s:1&2 Corinthians) he said not to reject the way GOD created us,but to be content with our looks regardless of those who make boring comments and those who do tell them,”WHAT U THINK OF ME IS NONE OF U DAMN BUSINESS,BUT IT’S HOW I THINK OF MYSELF”,OK u can skip that part which i says’damn’ which is totally unnecessary.Recently, we saw what happened to M.J who died of a ‘heart attack’ because he ‘chased the wind’ meaning he concentrated in changing his looks than accepting himself. Someone wise told that,’what a man thinketh so is he’ therefore m.j died because of GOD’S will and also to serve as an example and also to give the meaning of chasing the wind.


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