The social media paradox: lonely but connected.

We are living in a time that has never existed before in mankind. A time when we as mankind are more connected through advancements in technology than ever before. For millennials, it is crazy to think about how we used to exist and communicated without social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and alike.…

New Year, New Things

Happy New Year Guys! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, a lot happened last year(Wow time flies, its 2019!!) ; I went back to school and am currently studying a diploma in graphic design and I am enjoying it, I have been working on a pile of school projects, I am […]

Re-Imagine Kenya: Lamu Old Town

Originally posted on Canduh:
When planning my trip down to Lamu, I scourged the internet for articles and vlogs published by fellow wanderlusters with recommendations on interesting sites to visit. Top on that list were visiting Takwa ruins and going for a slow sunset sail. But things don’t always work as planned, do they? The…

First time in Zanzibar.

Habari zenu makaka na madada zangu! ( I hope I got my grammar right there) I know its a late post. I promise I will be brief. So my friends and i last month decided to spend our Easter Holiday in Zanzibar. I think I may have acquired an accent or two after my trip from Zanzibar. All […]

Embracing Your Confusion; Be You

Originally posted on Canduh:
A monkey is busy digging through the bin on the drive-way. After what seems like 5 minutes, he finds a packet of Delamere yogurt, rips it apart and proceeds to lick it dry. He (I’m assuming it’s a he because, well, blue balls) then continues to search in the murk for…

A dose of my QLC

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A few days ago, I sat down and just thought. Something I do very often and I came to the conclusion that I am all hemmed up in my world. I can’t breathe, I badly need to cry, I think to myself that I need help but I have no idea…