First time in Zanzibar.

Habari zenu makaka na madada zangu! ( I hope I got my grammar right there) I know its a late post. I promise I will be brief. So my friends and i last month decided to spend our Easter Holiday in Zanzibar. I think I may have acquired an accent or two after my trip from Zanzibar. All […]

Embracing Your Confusion; Be You

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A monkey is busy digging through the bin on the drive-way. After what seems like 5 minutes, he finds a packet of Delamere yogurt, rips it apart and proceeds to lick it dry. He (I’m assuming it’s a he because, well, blue balls) then continues to search in the murk for…

A dose of my QLC

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A few days ago, I sat down and just thought. Something I do very often and I came to the conclusion that I am all hemmed up in my world. I can’t breathe, I badly need to cry, I think to myself that I need help but I have no idea…


Hey guys! Hope you have all been well. Just came from watching a really awesome indie movie called Paper Town by John Green and i couldn’t help it but i can totally relate to this movie. This is so because it all sums up to the fact that every guy or anyone should have confidence in […]